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Linguistic-into-Communicative Performance

This section contains articles of the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal in languages of first choice by the authors in conformity with the publishing contract. We do not undertake the task of translating the original articles without the author's consent.

   Article 1 in LCPJ: "Integration of Linguistic Competence into Communicative Competence" by Sander Kola
   Article 2: "Skimming, Scanning and Inferring in Reading" by Philip Kerr
   Article 3: "Teaching Environmental Literature in Post-Communist Albania" by Candace Calsoyas
   Article 4: "William Shakespeare in Albania" by Refik Kadija
   Article 11: "Benefits of Using Newspapers, Magazines and Books in Classroom" by Laureta Vavla
   Article 12: "Teaching EFL to Highlight Students’ Identity" by Elida Tabaku
   Article 13: "Beckett’s Conception of God and Religion" by Loran Gami
   Article 22: "Vladimir Nabokov as a Bridge between Modernism and Postmodernism" by Griselda Danglli (Abazaj)
   Article23:"Türk Romanın Başlangıcında Fransız Edebiyatı ile Türk Hikayeciliğin Arasında bir Ikileme = Dualism between the French Novel and the Turkish Narrative at the Start of the Turkish Novel" by Alban Foç
   Article 27: "Norman Mailer's Fiction and Nonfiction Characteristics" by Marsela Turku
   Article 28: " British Travel Writers about the Albanians in Greece during the First Half of the 19th Century" by Shpresa Hoxha
   Article 32 in LCPJ: "Vështrim i Përgjithshëm në Periudhën me Nënrenditje tek Vepra e Bogdanit = General View on the Subordinate Segment in Bogdani’s Work" by Teuta (Basha) Çoku
   Article 33 in LCPJ: Zanafilla dhe Prejardhja e Etnonimeve ‘Lab’ e ‘Labëri’ = Genesis and Origin of the Ethnonyms ‘Lab’ and ‘Labëri’ by Zamira (Metaj) Alimemaj
   Article 34 in LCPJ: "Using Teacher Feedback to Foster Student Motivation in Teaching English as a Foreign Language" by Anita Muho and Emilda Roseni
   Article 39 in LCPJ: "Drei ‘(alle) für Einen’ in der Dantesken Hölle = Three ‘(all) for One’ in Dante’s Inferno" by Martin Mato
   Article 43 in LCPJ: "Philip Roth and his Jewish Problem" by Erion Shehu
   Article 44 in LCPJ: "Halls of Eblis - The Uncanny and the Perception of Terror in William Beckford’s Vathek" by Valerjana Hysolakoj
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