LCPJ Publishing is open to publish books of various genres, although its main focus has been on the publication of Journal issues.

There is almost the same editorial policy for book publications as for the Journal, which can be found at the link Even the submission guidelines for books are almost the same as those for the Journal, which can be found at the link The structure of books is up to the author to be chosen and displayed, based on the general principles of fiction or non-fiction. Mutual responsibilities are made legal with the respective signature of the publication contract.

For book publication you can send emails using one or the other, or both of these email addresses: or  First, you need to send a request for book publication with a short description of its content. If it is approved by the board, then you need to sign the contract of publication, pay half the price, then send the book to be published. There must be mutual agreement about the cover of the book, its layout, the price, etc., which are specified on the contract of publication.

The first book published by LCPJ Publishing is PROZA E NORMAN MEILERIT – Monografi (= The Prose of Norman Mailer – a Monograph) by Marsela Turku in 2009. The first book of LCPJ Publishing is waiting for the second one to mark LCPJ Publishing book quality continuation.

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