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Worldal [‘wə:rld`æl] stands for “world alphabet”. This brand new alphabet, an innovation by LCPJ’s editor, Sander Kola,  born in Suka-Dajç, Shkodra, and living in Tirana, Albania,  presented in the second issue of the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal, suggests a revolution in print to help resolve the problems related to reading, which is considered as the most complicated skill by respective academics.

Worldal can be adopted by any language in the world being extended or contracted according to the number of letters each alphabet currently has. The principle of using it is the same for all languages, but the presentation of letters may change in accordance with the characteristics of each language.

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   Innovation 1 in LCPJ: "Worldal or Esperanto" by Sander Kola
   Innovation 1 in LCPJ
   *** Click to read in the WORLDAL, 1
   *** Click to see the WORLDAL letters, 1
   *** Click to see the WORLDAL letters, 2
   *** click to read in WORLDAL, 2
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