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Origin of the Journal
The Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal was started in 2008 by Sander Kola, an English teacher at Asim Vokshi Foreign Languages High School of national level, now Asim Vokshi Language-Oriented High School, in Tirana, Albania, where English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian languages are taught even by native language teachers, and was fast accepted by Albanian University professors, as well as the European and American academics, making it a Journal with a wide spectrum of contributors and readership, who will always remain an honour to the LCPJ.

Comments about the LCPJ
You can find full comments about the LCPJ in the following files. Just clik at the script next to the icon to find the comments published on each issue of the Journal:

   Comments 1 about LCPJ
   Comments 2 about LCPJ
   Comments 3 about LCPJ
   Comments 4 about LCPJ
   Comments 5 about LCPJ
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