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Linguistic and Communicative Performance

This section contains articles of the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal in languages of first choice by the authors in conformity with the publishing contract. We do not undertake the task of translating the original articles without the author's consent.

   Article 5 : Pił di un “Presente” = More than the “Present Tense” by Adi Malo
   Article 6 : "Using Drama as a Creative Method for Foreign Language Acquisition" by Adriana Dervishaj
   Article 7: "Kuptimet Kontekstuale dhe Pėrkthimi nė Novelat e Ēehovit = Contextual Meanings and Translation in the Short-stories of Chekhov" by Ludmilla Myrtaj
   Article 8: "Students as Individuals and as Part of the Learning Community" by Leonard Danglli & Griselda Abazaj
   Article 10: "Identifying the Predicative in Grammar Makes You a Better Communicator" by Sander Kola
   Article 14: "Penetration of Russian Loans into Albanian Spoken Language through Terminology = Проник..." by Ludmilla Myrtaj
   Article 15: Riflessioni sulle Problematiche dell`Italiano L2 per Scopi Speciali = Reflections on the Problems of Italian L2 for Special Purposes" by Artur Sula
   Article 16: "Correcting or not Errors and Mistakes" by Vilma Tafani
   Article 17: "Les Connecteurs Donc et Puisque et leur Equivalents en Albanais = The French Conjunctives Donc and Puisque and their Equivalents in Albanian Language" by Viktor Bakillari
   Article 18: "Absolute versus Relative Synonymy" by Leonard Danglli & Griselda Abazaj
   Article 19: "Pėrkthimi i Fjalive tė Nėnrenditura tė Kadaresė nė Greqisht = Translation of the Subordinate Clauses of Kadare into Greek" by Isida Metaj
   Article 20: "Lexical Variants of Verbal Phraseological Units in English and Albanian" by Rovena Vora
   Article 24: "Translation Shifts in the Transfer of Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” in Bulgarian Language, Literature and Culture" by Yoana Sirakova
   Article 25: "Funksionet Morfologjiko-Sintaksore te Formės sė Pashtjelluar tė Tipit “γράφοντας/duke shkruar” = Morphological and Syntactical Functions of the Non-finite Form of the Type “γρά
   Article 29: 'Multiple Selves, Multiple Voices and Autoethnography' by Nigel P Short
   Article 30: "Valori Aspettuali dell’Imperfetto = Aspectual Value of the Imperfect" by Adi Malo
   Article 31: "Origin of Synonyms and their Acquisition as Vocabulary" by Leonard Danglli
   Article 35 in LCPJ: "Teaching Vocabulary using Grammar Translation Method and Communicative Language Teaching" by Klodiana Leka
   Article 37 in LCPJ: "Insegnante di Lingua di fronte al Manuale di Lingua = Language Lecturer versus Language Book" by Aida Gjinali and Elda Katorri
   Article 38 in LCPJ: "L’Insegnamento dell’ Italiano Microlinguistico all’Universitą: La Necessitą di Nuovi Percorsi Mirati con Integrazione di Materiali Autentici e Supporti Multimediali = Teaching the Italian Language for Specific Purposes at the Uni
   Article 40 in LCPJ: "Unfamiliar Lexicon to Students in Albanian Language Texts of Primary and Secondary Education" by Idriz Metani
   Article 41 in LCPJ: "La Compétence Interculturelle chez les Étudiants Albanais de Langue Étrangčre : Représentations et Pratiques de Classe = Intercultural Competence of Albanian Foreign Language Students : Presentations of Classroom Practice" by El
   Article 45 in LCPJ: "Modaliteti i Habisė si Problem Pėrkthimor = Admirative Modality as a Problem in Translation" by
   Article 46 in LCPJ: "Words and Ideology" by Idriz Metani
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