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LCPJ started as a Journal in 2008 and soon extended to a Publisher in 2009, LCPJ Publishing. Although relatively new, the standard quality of the Journal and the efficient service of the publisher are very encouraging for continued progress.

LCPJ Publishing guarantees the publication of high quality books, journals, etc. A very good example is the publication of LCPJ up to the present. Feel free to trust our service for the publication of different literary genres.
The Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal (LCPJ - Print ISSN 2073-5138; Online ISSN 2077-0812) is the first scientific Journal in Albania with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) in print and online versions, registered in France, which can be found on request at: The semi-annual LCPJ is read by an international elite audience of academics, business persons, politicians, language teachers and others who are interested in health-effective and qualitative performance in language and communication. It welcomes contributions that comply with the policy of the Journal stated in “Submission” section.

Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal has had its Global Impact Factor released by the GIF Institute on December 24, 2013, which can be seen at

Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal has been included in the database of Genamics JournalSeek, since 20 April 2013. They divided it into three main categories as follows:

 1. Linguistics - Applied Linguistics  

 2. Education – Language Education

 3. Social Sciences – Communication

Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal has had a quick and wide repercussion through the Albanian national top-media: Top Channel TV ( the State television TVSH (, the newspapers GAZETA SHQIPTARE  and KORRIERI, whose articles can be seen at: and

In order to know more about the impact that LCPJ has had on professional academics, you can go to "Testimonials" at the main menue (, which contains short and extended opinions based on professional conclusions.

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