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The Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal is always expected to contribute to the perfection of the art of communication, serving as an invaluable means of keeping people’s minds active, which is currently accepted as one way of making life longer and healthier.
     Editor: Sander Kola                               Co-editor: Nigel P. Short
Each issue is believed to have made further progress than the previous one, in giving the writers the opportunity to communicate ideas through literary, grammar and lexical analysis, in offering the possibility for the exchange of ideas about the respective aspects of teaching and learning different subjects, in introducing innovations, as well as in providing the readers with the opportunity to see the golden light at the labyrinths of literary works, grammar and lexical issues, pedagogical practices, language teaching, language learning and communicative performance in real life.

Following the email addresses below you may click on any icon to see the original editorials of each issue, so that you can have a general idea about the content of the separate issues of LCPJ.

May you enjoy what each issue communicates to you!

Editor of LCPJ
Sander Kola

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