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Writing for LCPJ

 Writing for LCPJ

Since perfection itself  is abstract, we are entitled to “the pursuit of  perfection”, not perfection. It is a good point that we are all entitled to TRY for Perfection in our everyday communicative performance and our professions. Everything always becomes much clearer when it is in print, therefore give your ideas a chance to be shared globally for the perfection of the art of communication, teaching and learning by submitting your manuscripts for publication to the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal via the fastest way of  deliverance, i.e. email, at any of  the following addresses:;
Make it your Journal!

Editor: Sander Kola, Albania          Co-editor: Nigel P Short, UK          

Editorial Advisory Panel: Nancy M Ackles, USA ; Gëzim Hadaj, Albania; Jörg Kuglin, Germany; Refik Kadija, Albania; Philip Kerr, Belgium; Avni Xhelili, Albania; Candace Calsoyas, USA; Idriz Metani, Albania; Adi Malo, Albania; Vilma Tafani, Albania; Jean-Nicolas Vial, France; Leonard Danglli, Albania; Ömür Selim Karaońülu, Turkey; Adriana Toshkezi, Albania; Yoana Sirakova, Bulgaria; Anxhela Angjeli, Albania; Shpresa Hoxha, Kosova; Isida Metaj, Albania 

  Honorable used-to-be panel members:
Hamlet Bezhani, Albania (2008 - 2014),
                                                       Ludmilla Myrtaj, Albania (2008 - 2014)


Published by LCPJ Publishing 

  Published: June, December 

  Prepared for print by R&T ADVERTISING, Albania

  Layout: Drivalda Rrahmani, Artur Shyti  

Design: Ardit Koleci, Armand Mani  

Printed in Albania by ILAR®, MORAVA, INTERGRAFIKA

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ISSN 2073-5138, PRINT (Registered in France)

ISSN 2077-0812, ONLINE (Registered in France)

All rights reserved.
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reproduce articles elsewhere without the authors’ permission. Any application made to the authors to reproduce their articles should be forwarded to the editor.
 If the authors wish to use any article again in a publication written or edited by them, they may do so provided that its original publication in the
Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal is acknowledged.
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