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This feature will briefly reflect the main sentences or paragraphs written about the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal at different times. More extended comments can be found at the section "About LCPJ". Satisfy your curiosity with the following:

�Thank you for your vision of this Journal and your pursuit of excellence in
English language teaching and learning.�
(Mark Algren, TESOL President 2009-2010, USA; 2010. 05. 23)

I am writing to compliment Mr Sander Kola on the production of his excellent new Journal; the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal (ISSN 2073-5138, PRINT; ISSN 2077-0812, ONLINE). The Journal manages to take a critical look at a wide range of topics with interesting experimental ways of communication that makes a valuable contribution to the field of qualitative performances in language, writing in a reader friendly yet scholarly way. In addition, the Journal contributes to language and education by the use of creative and post modern devices, for example theory application and linguistic innovations.

In the search for evidence guided practice, the Journal encompasses personal empiricism as well as more traditional ways of enquiry and associated dissemination at school and colleges. In some ways all the educator and researcher can do is describe their experiences, with all descriptions being equally valid. I can do no more than describe my experiences. Our attempts to understand realities are shaped by the discourses which we use. I think of knowledge as being a construction of dialogue; in this way understanding requires engagement with people�s subjectivity, in this case engagement with the authors of the articles. I think Sander Kola�s editorship manages to capture this engagement successfully. With his encouraging new ways of representation Sander is helping to break down the dominance of grand narratives; this can offer liberation from educators and encourage new discoveries for students as well. New ideas can only help to create doubt and this is evocative and thoughtful.

In terms of Qualitative approaches a new �moment�, as suggested by Denzin and Lincoln for the next stage of investigation, is post-experimental writing, linking issues of qualitative research to democratic policies, often referred to as the Narrative linguistic turn. There is active encouragement within this �moment� to think of new ways of communication; an attempt to shrink the gap between social sciences and the humanities. Researchers presented their work using poetry, drama, performance of visual and conversational models. I think Sander Kola�s Journal has taken an opportunity to join in this exciting new ways of representation and performance; with a particular emphasis on the importance of language acquisition and interesting ways of communication within the important and necessary discipline of education.
(Dr Nigel P Short, England; 2011.2.25. Sent by the editor to MASH in 2011.3.23)

I have been contacted and asked to submit comments on the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal, a new journal which is published in Albania under the editorial leadership of Mr. Sander Kola. I do so with pleasure.

One obvious feature of the journal is the care with which it has been conceived and with which it is edited. Mr. Kola demonstrates exceptional ability to attend to the details, both large and small, of producing a journal. Very careful attention is paid to the large issues of the quality of the articles accepted for publication and the breadth of coverage in each issue. Equal attention is given to the concerns of print quality, readability, and quality of photography. Each issue is a carefully crafted product. Nothing in this journal is ever handled in a slipshod way.

Even more important to note is the need for this journal, which exists in at least two forms. First, in the field of language teaching, my field, there is currently a great need for national and regional venues in which teachers can share their insights and classroom-based research with others who are teaching students from shared language and educational backgrounds. Language teaching is a field in which important new insights and discoveries are emerging within very specific contexts, and it is necessary that practitioners within these contexts have venues for presenting their insights and receiving feedback from their academic colleagues. LCPJ provides a venue of this exact type with great potential to be a useful publication not only for Albania, but also for practitioners throughout both the Balkan Peninsula and the wider world.

Secondly, there also exists a need for a venue in which Albanian scholars can present their research in literature and language analysis, research which is not specifically on language teaching, but which is part of the study of language and literature. A journal which provides an outlet for the Albanian voice in these fields provides a needed contribution to literary scholarship in general and could advance the perception of Albanian scholarship within the world academic community. I would hope that with adequate support this journal will continue to grow in importance and become an outlet for the voices of scholars throughout the entire region.
(Nancy Ackles, Ph.D.,USA; 2011.3.5. Sent by the editor to MASH in 2011.3.23)

Continue publishing LCPJ
It is with great pleasure that I comment on the �Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal�, (ISSN 2073-5138, PRINT; ISSN 2077-0812, ONLINE) published, as far as I know, entirely by Mr. Sander Kola and with his own means. Moreover, since I had the opportunity to see the idea of this publication growing and finally being put into reality while I was still working in Tirana as Director of the German Center and to be honoured by him with discussing preliminary issues of this publication, it made me very happy to receive the first copy of the Journal and to be elected as a member of the advisory board.

The following numbers showed a definite broadening of the Journal�s scope both in topics and in contributors. Keeping the Journal open for quite a range of modern languages and their teaching � and not only for one subject, English, � has added a lot to the cross-subject discussion on foreign language teaching in Albania.

To undertake such a task and to carry it on with tenacity must have taken, I am sure, most of his spare time (since he has continued to be a successful teacher in �Asim Vokshi� school as I have witnessed) and his financial possibilities as well. So, I hope now very much that the Journal will receive substantial support from official sources because I am convinced that the Journal contributes greatly to a field that will be of ever-growing importance in the educational development of Albania on its way to Europe.

The LCP Journal is, as far as I can judge, the first and only periodical in Albania on this subject. This is another good reason for keeping it alive since it shows that Albania is seriously participating in the vivid European discussion on strengthening the acquisition of foreign languages.
(Dr. J�rg Kuglin, W�rzburg, Germany; 2011.2.10. Sent by the editor to MASH in 2011.3.23)

After many-year-attempts of Mr. Sander Kola, English Language teacher, for the first time in our country comes out a Journal in English language, which aims at everyday knowledge extension of English teachers in Albania and in the region with the new experiences of teaching in this language. The attempts of Sander Kola to spread the Albanian experience of teaching foreign languages must be encouraged.

The just started Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal aims at including articles in the new field of linguistic and communicative performance not only by foreign language teachers of Albania, but also by foreign language teachers of the whole region. Since the communicative language of the Journal is the English Language, we wish that Sander Kola has an increasing number of contributors from the Balkans.� (translated by Sander Kola).
(Prof. Dr. G�zim Hadaj, Universiteti �Marin Barleti�, Tirana, Albania, Nov 27, 2008)

I consider your Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal as a serious and unique contribution to ELT in Albania. No single person has ever published such a language journal so far in Albania. You deserve all the necessary support from the Ministry of Education and Science for the publication of the future issues of this very useful journal for the teachers of English of all levels throughout Albania.

Regarding you research paper, which is the core of the journal, I think it is very extensive and deals with important aspects of language acquisition and communication. There are numerous useful references. I found particularly interesting the sub-chapters of �reading approaches�, �vocabulary acquisition�, �mind-maps� and spidergram, esp. your treegram, etc. I myself also regard VLS (vocabulary learning strategies) as being very important in language acquisition, more important than simply learning grammar rules. Spidergrams are very effective in word study, only that I would suggest to group words of the same root and the same family of a spidergram into four main clusters: verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.
The cover picture is also very impressive and meaningful. Don�t give up.
   (Prof. Dr. Refik Kadija, Dean of �KRISTAL� University, Tirana, Albania, 30 January 2009)

If you ask what I particularly enjoyed as I read, it is hard for me to make a choice.  The information about Shakespeare in Albania was all new to me and so was especially interesting, and all the articles in the section on Linguistic-into-Communicative Performance attracted my attention.  I appreciated the way you laid out the various forms of the predicative after giving your definition within the standard grammatical approach.  This is an area that has attracted much research in the Principles and Parameters approach to syntax, and having such a clear set of examples of the many forms is useful even for those working within another framework.  I also found the article on using drama very thought-provoking.

On another level, I particularly enjoyed reading about the conferences that were held and the experiences of those who attended.  The teaching community of a nation needs this kind of information and communication. You are doing something very valuable for Albania and I think that eventually this will have impact in other countries too.
    (Nancy M. Ackles, Ph.D.Linguistics, US teacher trainer and author of �The Grammar Guide�. 7 Oct 2009)

Numerous studies have been published in the academic field but little has been done to evaluate the broad set of topics pertinent to conflicting research findings, data collection, survey methods and Journal quality ratings.

From my point of view the perceived high quality ratings of the research studies published in the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal, Volume 2/1, June 2009, are positively correlated with citation impact factors which contribute to raising the standards of teaching in the High and Higher Education in Albania. There are different research interest areas and researchers seem to rate this journal higher than previous publications for the authenticity and methodology, expert opinion and citation analyses. The findings used in the research studies of this Journal provide a new basis for assessing the quality of journals and provide new insights about the content of doctoral programs.

I take pride in having published my own research study in the LCPJ and will continue to give my modest contribution in the future.
(Adriana Toshkezi, MA English from Birmingham City University, UK, lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana University, Albania, 5 September 2009)

The moment the postman gave it to me I opened the envelope and started reading immediately at the doorway (me nje fryme = breathlessly). I was really shocked by the quality of the journal, the range of topics and fields. It meets the standards of foreign journals, no difference.
(Assoc . Prof. Dr. Vilma Tafani, Albanian Member of TESOL Standards Committee, Lecturer at the Faculty of Human Sciences, English Department, Aleksander Xhuvani University,Elbasan, Albania, August 14, 2009)

The LCPJ, already on its second issue, offers a further opportunity for the studier and the reader to find the necessary venue for better understanding, deeper comparison and being a partaker. The elements that make this Journal creditable to the readers are many, but we can mention the very high standard of its form and content, the variety of the written articles, and the interesting topics selected by the editor.
(Leonard Danglli, Master in Linguistics, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Albania, 18.9. 2009)

The venue created by the publication of this Journal is for us as teachers and studiers another opportunity to permeate to the reader an idea, which can itself bring out another idea or attitude. Thus, the publication of this high standard Journal will certainly give impetus to further thinking and expression, since thinking and expression are undoubtedly the bases of the activities of a studier.
 (Griselda Abazaj, full-time lecturer, Aleksander Moisiu University, Durr�s, Albania, 18 September 2009)

�I wish you success with the next issue; the one I received was super!�
(Hans Kal, English teacher and Cominius Project manager, Holland)

�It has got a very good variant of articles�
Philip Kerr, teacher trainer and English text author, Belgium


Attentively have I read your article "Albanian Albanian in Europe".


I congratulate you on the scrupulosity shown in choosing and treating the theme. I have the special pleasure of noticing that you belong to that progeny of people that, in such barbarian times, give the invaluable contribution to the protection and purity of our language. The article is treated with scientific competence and it can clearly be seen that we do not have to do with a beginner in this field. The theoretical side of the topics treated (the skeleton) is illustrated with examples, which serve as the flesh wrapping the bones.


Even the right attempts to make an advertisement, a deserved one I would underline, on Top Channel TV, seemed to me as  natural, appropriate and argued, moreover scientifically. The implication of that passage was: "Do as I say, not as I do". Top Channel TV ( = the Best Channel, I would pronounce) has a foreign name and native (Albanian) content. To some extent, such is the case with your Journal. The article in hand is the most convincing proof. Nevertheless, the search for the right today has become a slippy slope. But, Sander is "an alpinist", a steadfast one now. I have the wish and convincement that he will manage. Go on guy because you're on the right path. You are trying for a right cause.


One of my compatriots in 1900s said:


"This blessed Language,


Who gave it to Albania?


This is a blessed flower,


Embroidered by Heaven."

                         (by Baba Meleq Sh�mb�rdhenji / Skrapar, Albania)


(Viktor Bakillari, Ph.D, French teacher at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana, Albania, Fri, 16 Mar 2012)



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