3G/2G Teacher Video-Messages


Research-based Meeting of 3G/2G Teachers in Tirana in 2022

This video reveals the historic messages about accomplished research work and its presentation at no age limit transmitted to the new generations of researchers by the Three Generation Teachers: Emeritus Prof. Dr. Refik Kadija (Author of historic books, Professor of English Literature for decades in the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Tirana, Founder of the Faculty of Foreign Languages in his hometown, Shkodra city); Prof. Dr. Arta Dade (Renowned Politician in Albania after 1990s, Professoress of English Language in the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Tirana up to 1991); and Sander Kola (Publisher/Editor of the LCPJ, Author of language articles and language innovatons [Prof. Refik called him “a language expert”], as well as English Teacher at Asim Vokshi Language-Oriented High School, Tirana). Professor Refik used to teach Arta as his first generation student and Sander as his last generation student in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, while Professoress Arta used to teach Sander as her student when Sander had been attending University to be graduated as a teacher from the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Tirana. This meeting at Rogner Hotel Premises in Tirana on June 16, 2022 marks the unforgettable time when the Three Teacher Generations made their maximum concrete contributions to teaching new generations how to become a life-long researcher.


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